You own a restaurant by the coast, a beach-side café, a villa, a guesthouse or even a hotel businesses where outdoor spaces really matter. Since your guests visit in order to relax and enjoy themselves, the choice of outdoor furniture is a crucial one. And it’s a task you do not want to take lightly. Trust Raymark, the Mauritian outdoor furniture expert to help you choose the ideal outdoor furniture for you and your clients.


The right material


outdoor-furniture-mauritiusOmega sun loungers from Italian manufacturer Nardi

It all begins with the material your furniture is made from. It is what will determine whether your furniture is long-lasting, resistant, comfortable, eco-friendly and long-lasting. Read all about how to choose the right material in our detailed guide.




Alloro table from Italian designer Nardi

The location also dictates the furniture choice. After all, a poolside area does not call for the same kind of furniture as a restaurant.

First, consider the local climatic conditions in the places to furnish. Is it windy, rainy? Then do not choose light furniture which is easily blown away. Is it sunny? Then make sure that the outdoor furniture you pick is UV-resistant. Does the sea-spray reach the location? Then opt for marine grade or rust-free materials.

Do also consider the crowds and traffic the place is likely to receive. Would you say the traffic is low, moderate or high? Are there peak hours, peak seasons during which the furniture will have to endure a lot of strain?

As far as seating is concerned for popular spots, opt for sturdy benches or outdoor sofas instead of single pieces as the former tend to be more resistant.

Choose heavier furniture for high-frequentation spaces (such as beaches or a poolside area); they will not move out of place that easily. On the other hand, prefer lighter pieces to furnish a restaurant. It will be easier to change the seating arrangements that way.


The users



Bolonia stool & table from iSimar

Who is going to use the furniture? Different age groups will use the furniture differently.


You might need more resistant furniture for children, with less sharp angles for their safety. Consider their size as well: the furniture will have to adapt to their smaller stature.

Older people

Older people might need armrests more than other age groups. You may also want to choose seating with less of an inclination angle to ensure your older customers’ comfort.  Do not use ground/low seating such as bean bags and giant cushions (Fat boys) for your older patrons.


Intended use



Hammock by Raymark

For which purpose is the furniture meant to be used?


Furniture for relaxation needs to be especially comfortable. The chosen furniture may need to have armrests and be able to accommodate cushions. Relaxation furniture includes sun loungers, hammocks, armchairs and outdoor sofas.


For a restaurant, café or other such business, consider how you wish for your guests to be seated. Do they need to reach the countertop? Are your customers going to be seated around a low or high table?


For a restaurant, do have a mix of large and small tables to accommodate different-sized dining groups. They must be practical in daily operation. The tables you choose should be resistant, sturdy, easy to clean and well finished.





Aria armchairs from Italian designer Nardi

Style helps you create spaces that are not just comfortable but also visually pleasant and relaxing.

Remember to choose your colours carefully — they will heavily contribute to the creation of style and ambience in your space. For a restaurant or hotel, you will want to choose furniture that blends in well with the colour scheme so you might prefer resin furniture which is available in a variety of colours.

Do also think about matching the style with the intended purpose. For example, wicker (or resin wicker) will go splendidly with a beach café as it is evocative of that particular environment.  

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