Quality is of utmost importance if you want your garden or outdoor furniture to last the summer ! Raymark offers you its tips as an outdoor furniture specialist to help you make the right choices this summer !


Material quality 

Materials make the furniture : a low-quality material can easily make even the best-designed furniture useless. That is why it is important to learn to tell the difference between good and bad materials :

1. Resin


Palma chairs and bicolour Alloro table fromNardi Outdoor Furniture Mauritius

Palma chairs and bicolour Alloro table from Nardi

Your resin furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs, sun loungers…) must imperatively be treated with UV additives in order to last when faced with the UV rays of the sun, especially in countries like Mauritius. Moreover, to keep it looking fresh and aesthetically pleasing, it is important that you check that your resin furniture has been uniformly coated. If it is not, the colour of the furniture will fade with time and changing weather conditions.

2. Aluminium


10DEKA Costa outdoor sofa Outdoor furniture Mauritius

10DEKA Costa outdoor sofa

The golden rule for all aluminium furniture is to always choose the thickest aluminium you can find ! A piece of aluminium furniture that lacks in thickness is likely to be too light and can easily become unsteady or even break. Your furniture also needs to be made of real aluminium. There are many low-quality alloys being sold on the market, and these are the ones that are sure to rot quickly.


3. Teak/Exotic woods

Teak wood can be divided into 3 grades : Grade A, B and C.

Grade A Teak wood (which is of the highest quality) has a beautiful golden brown colour and a woodgrain that is straight and regular. It is also oily to the touch because of Teak oil.

Grade B Teak wood is less oily than a grade A Teak wood and its woodgrain is slightly more irregular. The wood colour is also paler and less intense.

Grade C Teak wood has an irregular colour and woodgrain and is easily damaged because of how much softer it is when compared to other Teak grades.


4. Resin wicker

The quality of a good resin wicker is heavily dependent on the kind of fibre it is made out of. That is why you should look for a quality fibre from trustworthy brands like Rehau or Viro. Weaving is an art, so it is important that the weaving on your furniture is well-executed. It must be firm but supple, with a beautiful finish.


‘Grace’ living room wicker Outdoor furniture Mauritius

‘Grace’ living room made of grey Viro Kubu wicker of Ø3mm

The style

A piece of high quality furniture will be both ergonomic and pleasing to look at, all the while being suited to your outdoor spaces and the local climate. Most of all, it will help to create a beautiful atmosphere!  

The finishing touches 

Net chairs from Nardi Outdoor furniture Mauritius

An atmosphere is created with the Net chairs from Nardi

A tip to determine the quality of a piece of furniture is to take a look at its finishing touches : they need to be as neat as the piece of furniture itself. Moreover, outdoor furniture must be equipped with non-slip feet to ensure stability and safety.

The brand

More than a token of prestige, good brands are tokens of the quality of your furniture. They give you all the information you need about your furniture, helping you to trace back its origins and to assure yourself of its quality.

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