“Do anything, but let it produce joy.” — Henry Miller 

Our New Year’s resolution for 2020 is… to enjoy life, simply. Here at Raymark, we have put on our thinking caps and have taken lessons from the finest indulgence experts and dolce vita connoisseurs to turn this resolution into reality. That’s right, we have looked into Spanish and Italian cultures for the secret to this coveted well-being. We are proud to say that here at Raymark, these cultures are represented by Mediterranean outdoor furniture creators Nardi, iSimar and Scolaro.

You too can learn to enjoy life’s most beautiful moments thanks to these methods that hail all the way from the Mediterranean:


1.Delight in an afternoon siesta

mobilier outdoor île maurice

Hammock by Raymark

Originating from Spain, the siesta is also widespread in Italy, Greece and even Argentina. This short nap is usually taken during the hottest hours of the day to protect oneself from the heat or after the midday meal to recover from a hearty meal. Siestas are also good for you, according to some studies*. A short nap after lunch can reduce stress, improve cardiovascular functions and memory. That’s right! So don’t feel guilty about it, enjoy these small pockets of relaxation whenever you can. Take a siesta at home, comfortably laid out on a hammock for heightened relaxation. Made of cloth, from ropes or even stuffed, Raymark hammocks will take you to delightful moments of tranquillity and rest. 


2. Laze under the sun

mobilier outdoor île maurice

Atlantico sunbeds from our partner, Italian brand Nardi (Project for Calheta boutique houses in Portugal)

In the Mediterranean, locals are graced with countless sunny days, creating numerous opportunities for sunbathing. Sunbaths warm you up in the gentlest of ways, help you stock up on vitamin D and to obtain this sought-after, golden glow… So don’t let these sunrays go to waste! Because, as we were telling you, sunlight exposure brings a number of benefits…

Ideally, you will enjoy this sweet warmth in a relaxing atmosphere on an Atlantico sunbed from Italian outdoor furniture creator Nardi. By the poolside or close to the coolness of trees, the Italian design and quality of these sunbeds will give you many beautiful years of use and relaxation.


3.Dine Al Fresco

mobilier outdoor île maurice

Nardi Alloro dining table and its Palma chairs from Italian outdoor furniture creator Nardi

And have lunch, afternoon tea and breakfast Al Fresco, too! In countries with a warm climate like Spain or Italy, people dine Al Fresco, that is in the open air, especially during summer. What a pleasure it is to sit around a beautiful table with friends and family as the summer breeze caresses your face. More than just a meal, dining outside will allow you to share beautiful conversations and memorable moments with your family. Bring life to these moments with the extensible Alloro dining table from Italian creator Nardi. As true experts of outdoor living, Nardi designers have created this table to house these moments of sharing especially. And to protect you from overexposure to sunlight, Scolaro umbrellas are simply ideal. 


Make the best out of it now!

Contact us to enjoy these magnificent pieces of furniture created by our Italian and Spanish partners.


* Source : https://www.treehugger.com/health/7-surprising-benefits-afternoon-nap.html