We have now reached that time of year when the weather can change drastically in a short amount of time. Our houses and our outdoor spaces especially are vulnerable to inclement weather: torrential rain, cyclones, flooding, thunderstorms, strong gusts of wind… Here are our top practical tips as well as a bad weather checklist to help you overcome these tough meteorological conditions :


Preventive measures


It’s best not to wait for the weather report before you start protecting your outdoor spaces! Preventive measures go a long way in protecting your outdoors and might very well save you from costly repairs…

  • Have your trees pruned to avoid any damage caused by falling branches. During this process, be mindful of old trees that are not well-rooted and of branches that are too close to your house.
  • Scope out the more dangerous areas of your outdoors (spaces prone to water accumulation or spaces where the ground is likely to cave in) in order to take the right preventive measures beforehand or to call for professional intervention if needed.
  • A loosened screw can bring about considerable damage, so make sure that your pergolas, swings and other such installations using screws and bolts are fixed securely.




  • Regularly check your gutters : make sure that their pathways are not blocked or otherwise obstructed so that rainwater may reach where it needs to. Also ensure that your gutters are well-fixed to your house. Otherwise, strong gusts of wind may tear them away.


During severe weather conditions

Outdoor furniture  




Strong gusts of wind can easily blow your outdoor furniture away (especially the lighter pieces made of aluminium) and damage or even destroy it. Your furniture can also be blown away all over your garden or your neighbours’ properties, thereby presenting a very real danger. This is why it’s important to store your outdoor furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs…) in a secure place inside your house or ideally in a garden shed. Be careful to store your outdoor furniture in a dry place devoid of humidity.



Remember to fold all your umbrellas and to store them in a secure place if they are not in-ground models.





When strong gusts of wind are announced, do store your potted plants inside the house or at the very least in some secure spot. Empty pot saucers during torrential rains and protect your small-sized plants (whether in planters or planted directly in the soil) with a cloche or bell jar.

Tip : Make your own cloches by cutting up plastic bottles and covering your plants with them.


Gardening tools

Remember to pick up and store all your gardening tools, whether they are small or large : watering cans, shears, rakes…


Swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool, it is advisable to cover it with a tarpaulin or a pool cover in order to keep the liner and filtration system working properly.


After severe weather conditions

In the aftermath of any kind of severe weather condition, take note of all the changes and damages that may have occurred. Pick up any debris and put all the objects you stored back in their respective places. And if, after all this, you find that your outdoor furniture still needs some upkeep, follow these guidelines to breathe life back into them!



Find all these tips and practical information in a checklist format, ready to be used!